Missions Ministry

We gather together to glorify God, to grow in His likeness, to give from our abundance, and to go into the world, bringing His Kingdom on earth as in heaven.

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Kevin Connor

About the ministry

Welcome to the Missions Ministry at Gospel Light Baptist Church, where our passion lies in fulfilling the Great Commission set forth by our Lord Jesus Christ. As the Missions Pastor, it is my joy to lead a community of believers who are dedicated to spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Our mission statement encapsulates the heart of our ministry:

"We gather together to glorify God, to grow in His likeness, to give from our abundance, and to go into the world, bringing His Kingdom on earth as in heaven."

At the core of everything we do is the desire to glorify God. Whether through our worship, our service, or our outreach efforts, we seek to magnify the name of Jesus in all that we do. As we gather together as a church family, we are committed to growing in His likeness, becoming more like Christ in our character and actions.

One of the ways we express our love for God is by giving from our abundance. We recognize that everything we have belongs to Him, and we joyfully give of our time, talents, and resources to further His Kingdom. Whether it's supporting missionaries around the world, partnering with local ministries, or engaging in community outreach, we are committed to being faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

But our mission doesn't stop there. We are called to go into the world, bringing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This involves both local and global outreach, as we seek to share the love of Christ with everyone we encounter. Whether it's through short-term mission trips, long-term missionary partnerships, or simply reaching out to our neighbors with acts of kindness and compassion, we are committed to being ambassadors for Christ wherever we go.

As the Missions Pastor, it is my privilege to walk alongside each member of our church family as we fulfill this mission together. I invite you to join us on this incredible journey of faith as we seek to make a difference in the world for the glory of God.

2025 Missions Trip


Supported Missionaries

  • Cody and Julia Byrd - Dominican Republic
  • Mike Coupe - The West Indies and Caribbean Islands  
  • Josh and Val Manthe - Philippines
  • (Unnamed missionary in disclosed country.)
  • Jeremy and Liz Pinero - Vanuatu
  • Elsen and MIchelle Portugal - Ethno-arts Training
  • Justin and Erica Talbert - Fort Valley, Georgia
  • Jake and Ariel Weido - Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Jason and Samantha Williams - Columbus, Ohio
  • Changepoint Pregnancy Care and Parenting Center, Inc
  • Chosen People Ministries (Michael and Debbie Herts)
  • The Cooperative Program
  • Family Life  (Michael Constantine) 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Justy Smith)
  • The Hope Movement
  • National Center for Life and Liberty

Featured Missionaries

Restore Ministries International, founded by Greg and Robin Rife, is a Bible based non-profit ministry providing relief to churches in need around the world.  From its home base in Middle, Georgia, where it operates a local food bank and disaster center, RMI is positioned to respond when a disaster strikes around the world, such as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, or fire.  Its mission is to support churches, missionaries, and ministries both to assist in the repairs to their facilities and to help them show the love of Christ to their communities in their greatest time of need.  With an experienced staff and the ability to mobilize thousands of volunteers, a surplus of disaster relief supplies, and the equipment and tools necessary to begin immediate relief work and repair, Restore Ministries International is there to support the local churches, missionaries, and ministries around the world when disaster strikes.
Joshua and Rachel Skelly are church planters in Tampa, Florida, where they will be launching Redemption Church on February 4, 2024.  Josh has a passion for sharing the Gospel, teaching the Word, and discipling believers.  He served as Student Pastor of Topeka Baptist Church for six years and holds a Master of Theology degree from Liberty University.  Rachel serves alongside Josh and loves working in women’s ministry and creative design.  She works as an administrative registered nurse and is passionate about mentorship and the local church.  Josh and Rachel were married in 2016 and have been serving in ministry as a team from the beginning.  They welcomed their daughter, Ellia, into their family in 2021.  Their hobbies include family time, travel, and sports. 
Ashes to Life, founded by Angelica Martinez, is a Christian non-profit organization driven by a deep sense of purpose and faith in order to transform the lives of children and teenagers in economic difficulty through the power of education by providing resources to them.  Angelica herself is a living testimony of the life-altering power of education.  As a child growing up in poverty in rural Honduras, she faced many obstacles.  However, education became her beacon of hope; and she earned a scholarship to a Christian bilingual school, changing the trajectory of her life.  The education she received shaped her, broadened her horizons, and instilled in her a deep desire to give back.  Her pursuit of education didn’t stop there, as she further received a scholarship for university studies in the United States, where she achieved a degree in Business Administration and Management.  Angelica’s life was profoundly transformed by education; and through her story, we witness the potential it holds to change destinies.
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Kevin Connor
Missions Ministry

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