Membership Connection

We are thrilled that you are interested in possibly joining the Gospel Light Church Family!

To get started, we'd like to invite you to watch some short videos below, beginning with Pastor Eric Capaci, the Senior and founding Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church.

1. Welcome to your Membership Connection

Listen to this exciting video from Pastor Capaci as he shares with you what to expect in the process of joining the Gospel Light Baptist Church family!

2. Meet the Staff

Now, it's time to introduce you to those in the Church who are privileged to serve you and the members of this incredible Gospel Light family!

3. What Happens When You Become a Member

Check out this video from our Associate Pastor, Jeremy Horton, as he shares what it actually looks like if you choose to become a member of the Gospel Light Family!

4. Statement of Faith & Practice

Here's a very helpful video from Pastor Capaci that gives a brief overview of Gospel Light's beliefs and practices of its members!

5. Next Steps

Thank you for viewing the guest connection videos; we hope they were helpful to you! We have one final video we'd like to share with you from Pastor Capaci for the next step to take now in your membership interest with the Gospel Light Church family!

6. Spiritual Gifts Test

We encourage you to take the Spiritual Gifts Survey. Please send your results to

*This is not mandatory.*

7. Meet with the Pastor

We're excited to meet with you about officially becoming a member of the Church! Please share with us your basic contact info below and the pastor from the campus of your choice will be in touch soon!